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New Morpheus Human Consulting Consumer Complaint pages


Morpheus Human Consulting has been a great recruiter to work with because they did all the right things for us. They took the time to understand our business and the culture of our business up front, then, armed with the brief  made it seem like we were the only client in the world. Also they checked in regularly, didn’t waste time when  sensed I was busy with other stuff etc. Most importantly every candidate Morpheus found was relevant and exciting. I wish I could have hired them all!

-HR Manager


I agree that we have the same take on things and you can rest assured that you offer a very different service to that of your competitors in Mumbai.

-HR Executive


Being a client, the best part about Morpheus is their dedicated team. No matter how niche or difficult the profile be they have always been optimistic with sourcing. Their service is fast and reliable.


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At Morpheus Human Consulting Pvt Ltd. we respect the decision of the clients in every way. We believe client's success reflects our success and hence the reviews given by the clients,

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