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Why Morpheus human consulting complaints are fake?

Well Mopheus human consulting Pvt Ltd offers franchise in recruitment industries
So there is agreement signed before franchise is given to anyone,
according to agreement , anyone who are not active for more than 10 days or not giving relevant cv’s or those franhcisor’s which are not doing work properly then thiers franhcise will be suspended . But still Morpheus wait for around 10 Months when franchise is inactive , afterwards there account is been suspended. By this Morpheus saves many resources, energy , work of client candidates and other franchise .

You can find more information on Morpheus Human Consulting Consumer Complaints

At Morpheus Human Consulting they respect the decision of the clients in every way. They believe clients’ success reflects our success and hence the reviews given by the clients, whether it is a complaint against Morpheus Consulting or the positive feedback, are taken seriously and every effort is made to resolve the complaint at the earliest.

You can view there review on glassdoor




Morpheus is best n recruitment in dubai Organizations competencies lie in their domains and talent management and not inrecruitment.Recruitment Solutions today are offered by businesses dedicated to build the talent pools for organizations. Morpheus Recruitment Solutions is a first of its kind recruitment company in India which has drawn an internal team from the recruitment industry. We are also well complimented with a domain strong team capable of delivering services of highest quality to our clients and offer end-to-end support in identifying the best available resources.

i would like to mention Morpheus as best in recruitment also many of Morpheus human consulting complaints are almost Fake

Because They have explain very well on there site about Fake Complaints

Also there Reviews submitted anonymously or un anonymously on glassdoor

There clients have rated them about 4.3 out of 5 Starts Have a look

So this are some reason why they are fake

have you ever noticed there have been threat to Morpheus about campaigning against them..

But They have many premium cleints in India which People Ignore

Hello everyone,
Morpheus Consulting with almost 13+ years of experience in Recruitment Services had also started its Franchise to grow in every facet of its operations. Morpheus started franchise with certain prerequisite failure of which results in termination or suspension.
Morpheus tries best not to take any such high decisions. And with respect to morpheus human consulting complaints all I can say is I personally have good experience with the Morpheus Team and their support to the franchisees and would also recommend everyone to take Morpheus Franchise.

I had called Morpheus Consulting and they were very professional about recruitment. I find this complaints absolutely baseless. I had received a message from them for a meeting in Hyderabad, after the information they provided me, I had gone through this comments which I feel are clearly done from animosity. I researched more on this, after which I spoke with them on phone. I saw links which show that they have successful franchisee in Mumbai and Delhi. After watching their video testimonials, I came to know that as a Recruitment Franchise we need patient, determination and discipline which some people lack, hence they take a route of complaining. But they don’t see what they lack, I think people should give this a try.

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At Morpheus Human Consulting Pvt Ltd. we respect the decision of the clients in every way. We believe client's success reflects our success and hence the reviews given by the clients,

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