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Abu Dhabi
1. Senior Sales Position for a leading industrial training solutions company – UAE
2. Franchise Partner

1. Consumer Complaints execuitve  – India ( Mumbai & Delhi ) –morpheus human consulting consumer complaints
2. Secretary to the HOD – Dubai
3. Sales Training Manager – Dubai –
4. Air, Sea and Ground Freight Operations Executive – Dubai –
5. Property Consultant – Dubai –
6. Document Controller(Litigation) – Dubai –
7. Collection Executive – Dubai –
8. Sr. Executive / Assistant Manager – Sales – Dubai (Iran Market) –
9. Manager-Sales (RAC) –
10. Sr. Engineer/ Senior Executive /Asst Manager- Sales – Project Sales (Commercial AC (VRF) Dubai –
11. Leads executive – Dubai –
12. Customer Service Executive – Dubai –
13. Mortgage Advisor(Home Finance) – Dubai –
14. IT Recruiter ( Assistant Manager) – Dubai –
15. Receptionist – Dubai –
16. Company Secretary, Legal and Compliance Office – Dubai –
17. IT Engineer (Systems) – Dubai –
18. Quality Executive – Dubai –
19. Marketing Manager – Arabic – Dubai –
20. Property Consultant – Pakistan –
21. Sales Manager – Dubai –
22. Senior Sales Management Profile – India-
23. Insurance Underwriter – Dubai –
24. Supply Chain Engineer – Dubai –
25. Inventory Specialist – Dubai –
26. Document Controller – Dubai –
27. Global Legal Head – Dubai –
28. Property Consultant – Broker – Dubai –
29. Relationship Officer / Sr Relationship Officer – Personal Loans – Dubai –
30. Property Leasing Manager – Dubai –
31. Sales Manager – India –
32. Property Consultant – Dubai-
33. Sr. System Admin- Storage – Dubai –
34. Franchise Partner –
35. HR Recruiter – Dubai –

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Morpheus Consumer Complaints


Recruitment isn’t an exact science so we’re always proud to talk about the successes we have with both candidates and clients.

All-inclusive quarterly trips for those who hit their goals, uncapped bonuses, heavy training, management support

I was impressed with Sagar’sknowledge of the market, honest feedback he provided us with on candidates which proved he was really focused on cultural and team fit as opposed to just getting CVs across and meeting his targets.

Good experience for a career in sales. Numbers driven to perform. Would recommend for anyone looking to get into recruiting without any complaints

I enjoy the team work and spirit of the organization. They are very supportive and helpful in work place. I enjoy the assignments / companies that require assistance in transition on financial leadership.

Supportive Management. Work Hard & Play Hard environment. Good company to learn the recruiting industry and grow in your career.

Fun place to work for young people. Included meeting candidates, learning about market risk, working on a team, meeting with clients, and working closely with management.



Build a healthy and ethical environment. Need good management whose objectives and goals are aligned with the employees and as well as other stakeholders.

  • Good company to work.
  • Friendly environment.
  • Good performance based incentive structure.
  • Good growth opportunity.

Interview process is not that good. They only hire people to make their own work going. They have nothing to do with individual growth. They will call you in the morning 11:00 AM & finally will take your first round @ around 5:00 PM in the evening. They will make you wait for no good reason. They will lie about their incentive structure & once you start working, you will… 

“Energetic Environment”

I have been working at Opus Professional Services Group full-time (More than a year).The culture is really fun and full of energy. Training team are really good, experienced and always around to help. There is a great team feel throughout the sales floor, but there’s still a drive for individuals to do well. I’ve worked in sales before but never had such hands-on training and help from managers before.The monthly reviews are really good to talk about performance and address problems. Keep this up, it works!

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How to Spot a Bad Recruitment Agency


Is There A Fee Involved?

If your recruitment agency attempts to charge you a fee for their recruiting services warning bells should sound immediately. Recruitment agency fees are paid by the company that hires you. You should never sign a contract in which you agree to pay the recruitment agency for something your new employer should be paying for, no matter how great their spiel about a “grand scale can’t fail personalised recruitment campaign” sounds.

Is Your Consultant Less Than Well Informed?

Then why are they a recruitment consultant? Recruitment is a high pressure sector in which competition is fierce. If consultants don’t appear to be knowledgeable about a job sector or specific position they’re not doing their job properly, which can indicate that the recruitment agency has substandard training programmes or just plain poor standards when it comes to performance. If they’re not doing their best, you’re not getting the best opportunity to find employment.

Are They Easy With “Being Liberal with the Truth”?

Then what else will they be easy with? There are many stories on the internet and questions asked in forums about recruitment consultants who say it is fine to lie during an interview or on your CV about your personal or professional history. This basically makes you as unethical as the consultant. Stick to the truth and leave the consultant to come unstuck one day.

More On How To Spot a Bad Agency

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Why Complaints are fake

Morpheus is best n recruitment in dubai Organizations competencies lie in their domains and talent management and not in

Recruitment Solutions today are offered by businesses dedicated to build the talent pools for organizations. Morpheus Recruitment Solutions is a first of its kind recruitment company in India which has drawn an internal team from the recruitment industry.
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Best Recruitment Consultancy in Mumbai


Morpheus Human Consulting Consumer Complaints

“Over the past six months, we’ve worked with Morpheus Human Consulting on three different senior level searches. Each time, they were successful in assisting us to explore the market and secure the right person. The individuals that we worked with from Morpheus were knowledgeable about the market and did a thoughtful and thorough job of gathering information about the role and organization before they began the search. They also managed the search in an organized and efficient way without any complaints.  We’ve been very happy with Morpheus Human Consulting complaints and would not hesitate to call on them again.”

Morpheus Consumer Complaints

Morpheus Human Consulting  has an incredible reputation and financially is a very sound company. The name alone gives you a lot of credibility in the field. The company does the right thing and everyone there wants to see you succeed and will do anything to help you.

This is very challenging work. You will be given all the tools and training to be successful but understand that whether you fail or succeed is all up to you. You have to be willing to grind and step out of your comfort zone on a daily or you won’t be successful. The training is worth it but it can be a little tedious and take away from sales time; you need to be able to manage that.

Make sure you are upfront with potential hires about ALL of the fees and cost of doing business. While these fees are minimal, they do begin to add up and can be very frustrating for someone just starting out if they don’t know to expect it.