Build a healthy and ethical environment. Need good management whose objectives and goals are aligned with the employees and as well as other stakeholders.

  • Good company to work.
  • Friendly environment.
  • Good performance based incentive structure.
  • Good growth opportunity.

Interview process is not that good. They only hire people to make their own work going. They have nothing to do with individual growth. They will call you in the morning 11:00 AM & finally will take your first round @ around 5:00 PM in the evening. They will make you wait for no good reason. They will lie about their incentive structure & once you start working, you will… 

“Energetic Environment”

I have been working at Opus Professional Services Group full-time (More than a year).The culture is really fun and full of energy. Training team are really good, experienced and always around to help. There is a great team feel throughout the sales floor, but there’s still a drive for individuals to do well. I’ve worked in sales before but never had such hands-on training and help from managers before.The monthly reviews are really good to talk about performance and address problems. Keep this up, it works!


Six Steps to Dealing with Customer Complaints

At some point, everyone in business has to deal with an upset consumer. The challenge is to handle the situation in a way that leaves the customer thinking you operate a great company. If you’re lucky, you can even encourage him or her to serve as a passionate advocate for your brand.

When it comes down to it, many customers don’t even bother to consumer complain. They simply leave and buy from your competitors. Research suggests that up to 80 percent of customers who leave were, in fact, “satisfied” with the original company. Obviously, customer satisfaction is not enough. Businesses nowadays need to positively delight customers if they want to earn their loyalty.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but a business owner’s ability to effectively deal with customer complaints provides a great opportunity to turn dissatisfied customers into active promoters of the business. Here are some customer-oriented tips I’ve learned while working in the business coaching business:

    • Listen carefully to what the consumer has to say, and let them finish. Don’t get defensive. The customer is not attacking you personally; he or she has a problem and is upset. Repeat back what you are hearing to show that you have listened.
    • Ask questions in a caring and concerned manner.
      The more information you can get from the customer, the better you will understand his or her perspective. I’ve learned it’s easier to ask questions than to jump to conclusions.
    • Put yourself in their shoes.
      As a business owner, your goal is to solve the problem, not argue. The customer needs to feel like you’re on his or her side and that you empathize with the situation.
    • Apologize without blaming.
      When a customer senses that you are sincerely sorry, it usually diffuses the situation. Don’t blame another person or department. Just say, “I’m sorry about that.”
    • Ask the customer, “What would be an acceptable solution to you?”
      Whether or not the customer knows what a good solution would be, I’ve found it’s best to propose one or more solutions to alleviate his or her pain. Become a partner with the customer in solving the problem.
    • Solve the problem, or find someone who can solve it— quickly!
      Research indicates that customers prefer the person they are speaking with to instantly solve their problem. When complaints are moved up the chain of command, they become more expensive to handle and only add to the customer’s frustration.

There is no getting around customer complaints, regardless of your industry. However, by employing these steps and taking the time to review the issue with the customer, you can turn challenges into something constructiv

Morpheus Consumer Complaints


Joining Morpehus Human Consuting, People was great because they really took the time to get to know me and put me forward for jobs that suited my skills and personality. Unlike other recruitment agencies, Morpheus People placed me according to my ability and potential rather than just placing me in similar positions I had held in the past.

I have been in my current position for a year now and I am in contact with Morpheus on a Monthly basis.  They also regularly call just to catch up and check on how I am getting on, dealing with any concerns I have immediately.

I feel very lucky to have the constant support of Morpehus Team , and it is brilliant to work for an agency that genuinely wants you to progress and succeed in any career you choose!